SDN & NFV (Software Defined Networks & Network function Virtualization)

Leveraging the competitive advantages of the Network

Virtualizing network functions gives CSPs new opportunities to optimize their infrastructures and increase service agility. With this approach, CSPs can move toward a homogeneous cloud-based infrastructure where network elements and applications are implemented as sets of virtual machines, storage devices and associated network configurations. Because the infrastructure is now shared and amortized across all applications, it becomes a platform for delivering carrier cloud services to enterprises and for transforming the CSP's own operations.

CSPs are competing with IT and Internet companies in the cloud, but they have a unique advantage — the network — that allows them to build a better cloud, the carrier cloud. The carrier cloud is a distributed cloud that provides quality of service, security and availability that IT and Internet companies cannot easily match.

With this approach, CSPs can virtualize communications and messaging applications, along with fixed and mobile network functions, to reap the same rewards their cloud customers are enjoying.

Besides that, virtualizing network functions gives CSPs new opportunities to optimize their infrastructures, increase service agility and obtain a substantial reduction of both CAPEX (up to 50%) and OPEX.

The LTT Business Consulting approach

Because SDN and NFV will open up a whole new world of service capabilities, it is of paramount importance to determine those services that will lead to maximum customer satisfaction and loyalty, and related incremental revenues.

Because LTT Business Consulting has extensive experience in the Telecom industry, covering most of the Telecom technologies and players in the value chain, we have the necessary holistic approach based on which we can offer you the best possible advice in this area.