New opportunity areas (of change)


The Telecom industry has become one of the fastest changing industries in the world; where new technologies appear and develop at an ever faster pace, new players obtain their position in the value chain and the customer needs change faster than ever before. Because all these changes do result in both new opportunities and treats for all the players in the Telecom Industry, these have to be addressed with effective strategies and actions. For the players to get most out of these changes, we do cover all the current relevant areas of change such as:

  • MVNO/E/A
  • M2M / Connected world
  • NFC (Mobile Marketing and Mobile Payment)
  • Big data
  • LTE
  • SDN (Software Defined Network) / NFV (Network Functions Virtualization)
  • Small cells (Pico cells, Femto cells and WiFi)
  • OTT

And even more important assess what are the interactions between these relevant change / technology areas where for example:

The partnering models required for MNOs to be successful in the M2M business in fact are an advanced stage of the current MVNO models.
NFC enablement platform providers can use the support principles which today are applied by MVNE/A's towards their MVNO clients to support merchants, advertising agencies, transport companies and banks to launch their NFC service offer.
Big data derived from mobile traffic, besides for network resource management and improved customer experience can also be used to complement the customer profiles derived from Mobile Marketing campaigns.
LTE will be the bearer that will provide the necessary network capacity at feasible commercial terms to support all these new applications and developments
SDN will provide the necessary tools to maximum service flexibility & scalability and network efficiency that will enhance the capabilities of LTE
Small cells can be applied to selectively increase network density in those places which are difficult or financially infeasible to cover with large LTE sites
All these new resources and tools can be applied by MNOs to improve their position and competitive strength towards the pure OTT-players.

Opportunity areas


A MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) is a company that leases network capacity from a MNO (Mobile Network Operator) like for instance Vodafone or Telefonica to offer mobile telephony services under its own brand to its own customer base.

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M2M / Connected world

In the next decade, trillions of devices will be networked, doing far more than enabling simple communications. In fact they'll connect industries and enable our lives. This new connected world presents enormous opportunity for CSP's and technology providers.

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Big data

Big data has the potential to place Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in a prime position to win the battle for customers and create new revenue streams.

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Taken the massive CAPEX requirements for the nationwide roll-out of LTE networks, extended 3G pricing models for LTE services simply do not serve to obtain the necessary return on investment on LTE networks.

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Virtualizing network functions gives CSPs new opportunities to optimize their infrastructures and increase service agility.

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Small cells

Both Femtocells and Wi-Fi offload do solve the backhaul issue by using customer or 3rd party links. (DSL, DOCSIS, T1/E1, WISP or otherwise).

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The current dilemma with OTT players is that they offer services, which are typically data intensive, over CSPs networks but CSPs are NOT profiting from these services.

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Industrial 5G

Industrial 5G, or as many also call it the concept of industry 4.0 refers to the so-called fourth industrial revolution. This involves the digital transformation of the industry with the integration and digitalization of all the industrial processes that ...

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LEO Satellite

Satellite internet has been around for quite a while but up until now it was considered like the “service of last resort” for a restricted number of people who live in places that can’t be reached by the cable. ...

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