Enrico Ottolini

LTT Business Consulting was founded by Enrico Ottolini.

Enrico is a seasoned Telecom professional with more than 25 years of extensive International experience in the Telecom Industry, obtained from the execution of many projects in more than 30 countries in Western & Eastern Europe, Africa and LATAM covering such diverse areas like:

  • Strategy development
  • Marketing, Sales & Distribution strategy development and implementation
  • The development and implementation of competitive and profitable portfolios of Telecom services and Terminal Equipment.
  • The development & management of large scale nationwide publicity campaigns
  • The development and management nationwide sales teams
  • Management of specialized sales teams focused on specific market verticals.
  • Distribution management & support
  • Development and implementation of effective partnership strategies
  • Consultative Sales at C-level
  • The management and turn- around of Telecom retail chains
  • Start-up of new Telecom ventures
  • New market entry support, including the development of effective relationships with regulators, potential partners and other stakeholders.
  • Representation and promotion of companies at International conferences, exhibitions and events
  • The development, implementation and management of cost effective P&L procedures and systems.
  • RFI/Q/P support
  • Managed services

At renowned companies like:

  • LycaMobile Europe & LATAM
  • Plintron Europe & LATAM
  • Surf Telecom Brazil
  • OneWeb UK
  • Ericsson, Sweden & Brazil
  • KPN Telecom International
  • Elephant Talk Communications International.
  • Unisource Mobile, Sweden
  • Vodafone Spain
  • Telia, Sweden
  • Telenor, Norway
  • Czech Telecom, Czech republic
  • Netia, Poland
  • Eirtel, Ireland
  • Talkline, Germany
  • Telemar, Italy
  • Euskaltel, Spain
  • Viva Mobile, Spain
  • Mobtel, Serbia
  • Celtel (Zain), Malawi and Zambia
  • Marpin Telecom, Dominica
  • Telia (Tess ) Brazil
  • Portugal Telecom, Brazil
  • Telecom Italy Mobile, Brazil
  • TIW, Brazil
  • Globo, Brazil
  • Direct TV, Brazil

Because Enrico worked in these areas both as a business consultant and as a director / manager for CSPs and technology providers, he is used to offer hands-on advice and support placed in an overall strategic perspective.