About us


We are an international Business Consultancy for the Telecom industry with more than 25 years of extensive international experience obtained from the execution of a multitude of different projects in more than 30 countries in Western & Eastern Europe, Africa and LATAM. We are specialized in the development & implementation of competitive and profitable strategies for CSP's and technology providers in the global Telecom Industry.


Because we have supported many different CSP's in the Telecom value chain including Service Providers of:

  • telecommunication services (incl. MVNOs)
  • information and media services
  • content
  • entertainment
  • applications services

Covering a wide variety of different telecom carrier networks like:

  • Satellite
  • Mobile
  • Fixed (PSTN / CATV)
  • Wireless

And a wide variety of technology providers for CSP's like:

  • Handset and network vendors
  • System integrators
  • Providers of managed services
  • MVNE/A's

We have a full understanding of the whole competitive Telecom landscape, and as such are able to apply a holistic approach in the development of comprehensive, competitive and profitable strategies for the different CSP's and technology providers.


Most people that head for sea for the first time assume that the quickest way to reach their goal is to follow a straight line without taking into account the environmental conditions and the characteristics of their boat. Experienced sailors however know that this is a mistake.

In order to navigate in the most effective and save way from one place to the other it is important to make a good observation of the wind, the waves, the current and the navigational warnings along the plotted track and to make a judgment on how the boat will respond to these environmental conditions based on its size, shape, stability and strength. Only then the final track that will allow the boat to reach its destination in the shortest possible time, known as the Least Time Track (LTT), can be plotted.

With managing a company things are quite comparable. Also here business objectives can only be met in the shortest possible time based on the development of a comprehensive business strategy taking into consideration the environmental conditions like customer needs, competition, legal framework and branch developments and the characteristics of the company like its size, strengths and weaknesses. Because we at LTT Business Consulting understand that this isn't an everyday activity for you, for which your company might miss sufficient in-house resources we at LTT Business Consulting want to offer you our day-to-day experience in this area where. Based on our proven methodologies, we will be able to facilitate a fast and smooth business strategy development and implementation process within your company.