Industrial 5G

The concept of industry 4.0

Industrial 5G, or as many also call it the concept of industry 4.0 refers to the so-called fourth industrial revolution. This involves the digital transformation of the industry with the integration and digitalization of all the industrial processes that make up the value chain, characterized by its adaptability, flexibility and efficiency that allows to cover customer’s needs in the current market.

Industry 4.0 represents a qualitative leap in the organization and control of the entire value chain throughout the life cycle of the manufacturing and delivery of the product. This produces a paradigm shift for industries.

The benefits of industry 4.0 are:
  • Greater productivity and better management of resources;
  • More efficient decision-making based on real information;
  • Optimized and integrated productive processes;
  • Increase the flexibility to achieve a mass production and personalized in real time;
  • Direct communication between clients and organizations, which means that we can better understand what customers need;
  • Reduction of manufacturing time both in the design of new products and in the merchandising of these;
  • Reduction of the percentage of defects or shrinkage in the factories since it will be possible to test the prototypes in a virtual way and the assembly lines will be optimized.

Industrial 5G is not only limited to manufacturing and holds also great benefits for a much wider range of industries and applications as shown in the table below.

Even though the benefits of Industrial 5G can be huge, a real challenge lies ahead for all stake holders involved in the development, implementation and maintenance of these Industrial 5G services.

To capture a share of the Industrial 5G business potential, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) need to consider which role to play in the value chain, what industries and use case cluster to address, as well as getting the right go-to-market models and organizational adaptation in place.

Industrial users must choose from the different Private Mobile Network options such as obtaining their own spectrum or to work based on sub-licensing or as Virtual Mobile Network Operator with network slicing with one of the established CSPs. Besides that, they must decide who from the different value chain players like:

  • Network & CPE-vendors;
  • CSPs;
  • IT-specialists;
  • Management, organisation & process consulting firms.
Will act as the main contractor to develop, implement and maintain fully integrated and highly complex Industrial 5G solutions.

Our services

Because we possess extensive experience in as well obtaining own licences and spectrum as well as deploying the different Virtual Private Mobile Network options and we have developed and implemented very successful partnership strategies for leading global players in the different vertical IoT/m2M market segments, we can provide excellent support to all these stakeholders in addressing these highly challenging tasks.