Mobile NFC (Mobile Marketing and Mobile Payment )

A new connected world

The emerging market of NFC services is taking a turn. Pilots conducted worldwide during the last five years showed the great interest of end-users, and other stakeholders like Mobile Marketing and Mobile Payment providers but also demonstrated the limits of a one-to-one approach between a specific mobile operator and a single bank, retailer or transport authority, as showed in the figure below of the fragmented model.

Therefore the challenge now is to develop an interoperable and standard solution that end-users and other stakeholders can use whatever is their mobile operator, bank, transport authority or preferred shops. For this purpose it is indispensable that NFC Enablement platform providers will emerge, which will facilitate a concentrated model, where resources, expertise, systems and costs are shared between multiple players and as such will make end-to-end NFC solutions feasible for virtually all players in the market

The Mobile at the central loyalty tool

As such the mobile phone will develop in a versatile loyalty tool, widely accepted and used across the whole market, supporting a wide variety of services like mentioned in the figure below.

In return the mobile will provide unique customer in-sights, which will allow players in the market to develop real 1-on-1 marketing campaigns that will appeal to the real needs of the clients.

LTT Business Consulting experience in the Enablement industry

Because LTT Business Consulting has obtain wide experience, form the execution of multiple project in the Enablement industry across Europe and LATAM, we do have the complete overview of the value chain, and as such can provide each player with a tailored approach which fits into the overall picture.