M2M / connected world

The connected world challenge for CSP's

In the next decade, trillions of devices will be networked, doing far more than enabling simple communications. In fact they'll connect industries and enable our lives. This new connected world presents enormous opportunity for CSP's and technology providers.

New business models will emerge in new ways of reaching new customers and driving new revenue streams that are well beyond the communications, media and entertainment industry. But there are significant changes that must happen to enable CSP's to do more in this emerging, connected world.

Business Models

In order to develop comprehensive service packages and end-to-end solutions for an almost unlimited range of M2M solutions, CSP's will have to work closely together with partner. In this area we can distinguish the following main partnership models:

  • Experience Model, where CSP deliver the connected-life experience
  • Vertical Model, in which CSP offer expert services and support for whole industries, similar to today's branded reseller (MVNE/A) approach.
  • Partner-Enabler Model, similar to today's wholesale (MVNO) approach, in which the partner owns the relationship with the customer with substantial behind-the-scenes support from the CSP.
LTT Business Consulting support

In fact, in the whole connected world it boils down to "Distribution" & "Partnerships". This means that those CSP's which have the best capabilities to development and implement an effective Distribution strategy and Partnerships will be best positioned to obtain a substantial part of this new market, and to turn this into a highly profitable business.

Because LTT Business Consulting has extensive international experience in both areas, Service Provider can obtain all necessary capabilities in these areas from LTT Business Consulting, and as such secure their success it this promising but also very challenging new line of business.