Big Data

The connected world challenge for Service Providers

MNO's are sitting on a gold mine of digital data that enables them to understand their customers at an unparalleled level. It is a key corporate asset, much needed in a hyper-competitive landscape.

Big data has the potential to place Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in a prime position to win the battle for customers and create new revenue streams. It provides them with a wealth of information about their customers' behaviors, preferences and movements. Yet, many MNOs still struggle to fully derive the greatest value of big data.

Though MNOs have handled large amounts of data for years, the game-changing aspect of big data today lies in using data to derive new insights — mostly real-time or near real-time — to become more competitive and to create business value. The current focus is on supporting the MNO's core business, such as:

  • improving customer experience
  • driving new products
  • increasing productivity
  • optimizing networks

However, to really benefit from this Big Data, this data has to be placed in the right perspective.

LTT Business Consulting support

Because LTT Business Consulting has extensive international experience in the development of competitive and highly segmented service portfolios, LTT Business Consulting can place all this data for you in the right perspective and as such draw the right conclusions which then can be translated into the right actions.